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Art thou a ready and true hero
The Age Upon Us is Dark and the Lands Be Not so Holy

Dost Thee Stand a Ready and True Hero?

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“An embracing welcome to thee, good traveler. Thou art in good Christian company here, among friends of all bloodlines. ‘Twas my time while in the deepest of the Dungeons Hall that Our Lord stretched His hand through the thickest of the Dark Veil and, so powerless was I, that I had only but reach my hand thither and be freed from The Bites of The Dragon of the Dungeon. My choice was not easy, for The Darkness be so inviting, so powerful it’s grasp upon me it became a comforting burn in a shadow of True Life; the True Life I once knew and loved.

I tethered my fingers, then my hand, then both hands in a tenacious grip about the pierced hand of Jesus Himself, and closed mine eyes, and prayed. Pulled free from the Dungeons into the Light my single desire was to but kneel once more before Our God, the One True God, and in a mutual love I wept. I arose and ran from the Dragons of the Dungeons a free man.

For it would be folly for me to say that I mastered the Light and never looked back, that I never sought the deceptive ways of Dragons again. Nay. The Dungeons became my Cross to bear and I busied myself in earnest against their wiles, using their perversions of the Light against them in a pursuit for the Truth so that others might find their way out a bit more easy than mine. I became a Pathfinder of mine own.

And so here we are, shoulder to shoulder we stand, united in the ways of our God, the One true and Living God of all lifetimes. Even in dark times we stand united, for the strains of the Darkness yet pull us still, bidding us to stray so that we should be ripped asunder and plunged into the darks of the Dungeons again for all to witness another great fall, and near they have come. But we have chosen Light; to rid the Path of the snares of these devils that would lead us to Death. One by one, little by little we hunt them. We destroy them, and we shall destroy them so that we in those final days find triumph in the Glory of God; that we shall present ourselves servants of God, hunters of devils, Pathfinders of freedom, and heroes of renown.

Welcome, Pathfinder. Stand and be counted as one who threw off the dark Dragons of the Dungeons so that we may only visit them with the Strength of Light upon us, to rescue those who outstretch their hand in hope, searching for their Way out. We stand to serve as those who know that beautiful Way, and we shall remain among the prayerful well-wishers that the lost ones, those who seek the Path of Truth, shall with our aid find It. Until then, we be men and women of action, who now hunt that which once hunted us. And with that, good traveler, let’s hunt some devils!”



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  1. Started playing this game with the Pastor at the church I go to. It was a fun time.

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