About Holy Lands RPG

About Holy Lands RPG

Holy Lands RPG; The Christian Role-playing Game
The Adventure Begins

In Holy Lands RPG, players embark on a unique tabletop role-playing adventure set in a medieval world infused with Christian themes. Unlike traditional games, Holy Lands doesn’t require boards or cards but relies on a rule book, character sheet, gaming dice, and most importantly, the players’ imagination. Within this imaginative space, players assume the roles of Christian characters, each with distinct attributes, such as valiant Knights or wise Saints. The game unfolds in a tumultuous world threatened by demonic forces influenced by biblical narratives, and players must wield their characters’ skills, blessed by God, to combat these supernatural adversaries.

The narrative of Holy Lands RPG revolves around a world where the power of righteousness serves as a beacon against external threats and internal corruption. Pagan lands attack from the outside, while dark powers, led by the devil and his demons, attempt to infect the Holy Lands from within. Players, as defenders backed by God, face the daunting task of saving spiritual allies from destruction. The game’s immersive storytelling involves confronting dark powers, sorcerers, and followers who pillage the Holy Lands with magic, thievery, and bloodshed. The survival of the Church depends on players standing against these evil forces and fighting with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Several tools are at players’ disposal in Holy Lands RPG, including skills blessed by God, sharp blades, and even Miracles. The game emphasizes the collaborative aspect, as players join other heroes in a shared mission to protect the Church and reclaim the Holy Lands. The overarching goal is to defend the Truth, represented by the God of the Holy Bible, using the tools and skills provided within the game. Holy Lands offers a unique tabletop role-playing experience where imagination, Christian themes, and collaborative gameplay converge to create an engaging and distinctive adventure for players new to the world of TTRPGs.

Let’s Hunt Some Devils!