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Monsters! Shipped right to your door! Just in time for Halloween!

The long-awaited Holy Lands RPG; Trinity – Book 3: Book of the Dead is now available for pre-order! Check out the store and save some cash by ordering early. We are very excited about this book. Much time and effort, trials and tribulations, and discussion and debate, went into making this book a reality. Get your character and those dice warmed up for some trials of their own as a flood of over 120 monsters and creatures fight for dominion over the realm.

The day has nearly come, devil hunter. Will thee be able to stand?


Holy Lands RPG Trinity Book 3: Book of the Dead
Holy Lands RPG Trinity Edition; Book of the Dead (Book 3)
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Awarding EXP

Art thou a ready and true hero

EXP (Experience) is explained in Book 1 (page 30). It is not covered any further in Book 2. A good way to look at it: EXP ranges from 5 to 300 EXP for trivial to selflessly valiant, respectively. The average for all columns combined is around 50 EXP.

The average I give out is 20-50 EXP for common feats. Someone else may find that 30-70 is their average, etc. If someone does something selfless or Godly, I may give them 150+ EXP, but at the end of every adventure I give every character 100 – 300 EXP depending on their teamwork, focus, and enthusiasm.

I do not not refer to the EXP table much, so if a character does something that should’ve earned someone more or less, based on the EXP table, I do go with the table. Hope that helps!