Awarding EXP

EXP (Experience) is explained in Book 1 (page 30). It is not covered any further in Book 2. A good way to look at it: EXP ranges from 5 to 300 EXP for trivial to selflessly valiant, respectively. The average for all columns combined is around 50 EXP.

The average I give out is 20-50 EXP for common feats. Someone else may find that 30-70 is their average, etc. If someone does something selfless or Godly, I may give them 150+ EXP, but at the end of every adventure I give every character 100 – 300 EXP depending on their teamwork, focus, and enthusiasm.

I do not not refer to the EXP table much, so if a character does something that should’ve earned someone more or less, based on the EXP table, I do go with the table. Hope that helps!

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