Download Holy Lands RPG Character Sheet

Create a Holy Lands RPG Character

This form will allow you pick what features are important to character creation and then instantly generate an official character automating all the steps from Holy Lands RPG Book 1: Genesis. When you have generated a character you're happy with, you can write the stats onto a Holy Lands RPG Character Sheet.

Select Your Character's Gender

In Holy Lands RPG, your character can be either gender without restrictions or limitations. There is a slight difference in how weight and height is calculated when your character is generated, representing realistic human averages.

Select Your Character's Class

Your character's Class is his or her occupation when starting out, although you may grow your character into nearly any other Character Class as he or she progresses through the levels.

Select Your Character's Stature

While your character's Stature does determine his or her size, Statures in Holy Lands RPG also determines certain character traits, such as agility and even patience. Note: not all Character Classes can be all Statures, but all Classes can be of the Common Stature, which is nearest to human average as we know it.

Choose Your Character's Name

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