How to Play

How to Play Holy Lands RPG...

Devil Hunt

  1. Buy Holy Lands RPG .
    You need the Holy Lands RPG rulebooks, gaming dice, and Character Sheets.
  2. Roll Up a Character OR Create an Adventure.
    The  Character Sheet is for creating a character.
    You can also use our Quick Character Creator to create a basic character randomly on the fly! (Use CTRL + P to print your generated character)
  3. Get a friend or group together.
    Check out our Facebook page to meet up, or connect live online with other players using our Slack or Discord channels.
  4. Begin and play a campaign.
    You base your character’s decisions on the other players’ moves and the roll of the dice, following the Rac’s story.
    As the Rac of your game, you will use a maze of possibilities to present the depth and dimensions to your players. Lairs come alive with twists and turns full of danger, critical decisions, and moral choices for your PC’s. Create and play as you go!
  5. Tell others what you think!